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OpenCart Shopping Cart - A Gateway to success of Online Store

OpenCart eCommerce development company

In today's online environment, all online merchants are looking for the best eCommerce solution from the variety of available shopping carts. OpenCart is one of the top eCommerce solutions that provides impressive flexibility as well as multi-functionality. So, let’s take a closer look on the benefits that OpenCart offers:

1. Easy Store Setup
Simple set up process is a major advantage that OpenCart offers. One can easily create an online store using OpenCart even if the person is not enough tech savvy.

2. Performance and Usability
Website speed has always been a point of concern that affects buyer’s shopping experience. Being a light weighted eCommerce solution OpenCart uses AJAX technology enhances the performance of your online store by cutting down the website's loading time.

3. Multi-Store Functionality
An amazing feature that comes with OpenCart is the ability to support multi-store functionality. This feature permits to manage more than one online stores from single admin panel.

4. Cost Efficient
OpenCart belongs to the open source and available free to use. Also, when compared to some other other shopping carts, maintenance costs of OpenCard are really as well.

5. Features and Extensions
OpenCart shopping solution for web development supports high level of functionality. There are not just comprehensive range of in-built features offered by it but also it enables e-business owners to expand possibilities by offering them various(7000+) extensions.

Though OpenCart is quiet easy to install and easy, yet hiring an OpenCart eCommerce development company can help you in customizing the website and its timely maintenance. You need not spend much bucks to take the services of an OpenCart eCommerce development company.

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