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What are the required information would you need from me?

Ans: Well, that would be best if you can provide us with a detailed RFP (Request For Proposal), as it'll help us analyze your requirements and project in a much better and comprehensive manner. In case you don't have an RPF, we would request you to provide us with a fair idea of your specific requirements so that our business team can help you in developing the RFP.

How would you receive my work?

Ans: Our maximum projects are web based. Therefore, we can send and receive files using the Internet. You are requested to provide us with a brief description (may be a doc about your exact requirement) during the initial stages of our communication regarding the project. In case, you've an app that you'd want us to analyze or work on, we'll require the corresponding Database details, Web server details, and FTP details for it.

Are you offering source code for various applications?

Ans: We are offering source code to our clients for the app or software we've created for them.

Is testing also included in your pricing?

Ans: Yes, we believe testing is an integral part of development process and thus take care of same in our pricing. We have a separate team of specialists in testing.

What are the procedures of testing you follow? Will load testing be included in it?

Ans: Our QA & testing team works from 'Use Cases' for preparing Performance and Functionality Test cases. Load tests are conducted when needed.

What is your pricing strategy for development projects?

Ans: Our pricing model varies depending on the projects we undertake and is largely based upon the requirements of our respective clients.
However, our general pricing format is as follows:
The three different options we offer include:
Fixed Price
Time and Material
Man Month

How can I make payments to you?

Ans: We'll be sharing you proposal with invoice details along with all necessary information so you can wire transfer your payment us.

What are your payment terms?

Ans: We adopt easy to follow and convenient international payment methods and mutually agreed payment terms.

How should I contact you?

Ans: You would request to fill out the request a quote form, provided over contact us page of the website, will help us to know about you and also about the projects you've in mind. If you would like to email to us, please feel free to email us at
You may also contact us at our below mentioned address:
United States

4281 Express Lane
Suite L1620, Sarasota, FL 34238, USA
US Toll Free: +1-855-796-2773

United Kingdom

Unit 1846, PO Box 6945
London, W1A 6US
Tel: 44(0)2079934232


Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA

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Am I allowed to contact the appropriate parties that are working on my project? If yes, then may I communicate through phone?

Ans: Yes, you are welcome to interact primarily with our team leader to minimize the chances of any miscommunications within your team.

Are you compatible with communication through chat, e-mail or phone.

Ans: yes, we are available on chat, e-mail and phone