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Best Private Sales Modules for PrestaShop

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A simple idea is involved in private sales and that is to offer products at the lowest price possible; the secret being unleashed now, its time for PrestaShop store owners to make suitable strategies for the same. Making use of PrestaShop sales modules is a good way to doing the same; here we bring to your knowledge some of the finest PrestaShop modules that can be considered.

FME - It is a PrestaShop module that allows creation of private sales from scratch besides helping to increase the loyal clientele. Using this module, you can also attract much better leads while also getting the leverage to announce new private sales as required. For this, you need to initially create a private sale and then attach category to it followed by finally giving access to customers. You can deploy it for your store to target specific users as per will. It effectively supports group permissions and displays all upcoming sales as well. It will also be totally up to your choice to limit the active/upcoming offers.

Etiendas - Its a paid private sales module for PrestaShop store that allows you authorize customers to take advantage of the private sales offers. The shop will appear in PrestaShop’s catalog mode. Under the typical functioning, a prospect sends a specific account request to shop manager, who sends a custom email back to the prospect after reviewing the account. With this module, you also get the leverage to approve new customer account.

Modulehub - It is a PrestaShop v1.5 compatible sales module using which you can create private sales in a short time, almost 1 minute. A block appearing on your PrestaShop site displays the private sales; customers will be able to see the list once they click the block. Customers need to get registered essentially in order to be able to see the private sales. It would also be possible for the guest visitors to see the tab, but not the content. This paid module helps in building customer loyalty besides attracting new customers. Moreover, selling old stock is also made simplified with help of this module. These modules will help to be useful for your PrestaShop store. However, if other technical assistance related to store functionality is required, you can always consider to consult or hire PrestaShop developer.

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