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Why PrestaShop is the Best Choice for eCommerce Store Development: 5 Compelling Reasons

Originally released in May 2007, PrestaShop is now enriching the eCommerce businesses all around the globe and delivering the best customer services. If you have still not comprehended the potential or capabilities of this eCommerce web development platform then this blog is here for you.

Let's explore why PrestaShop is the best platform for eCommerce store development:

  • PrestaShop is Open Source:
    PrestaShop is a free, open source eCommerce platform. It is highly customizable as per the business requirements. The scalable nature, open license and huge community of PrestaShop developers provide amazing customization ability to merchants in order to bring exclusive features for the customers. The alluring features (more than 275) such as Product Management, Store Management, SEO Analytics, Robust Security, Payments, Shipping, Marketing and so on makes it the best platform for eCommerce store development.
  • Huge Variety Of Themes & Modules
    The availability of a plethora of alluring themes and modules establishes the superiority of PrestaShop over all other eCommerce store development platforms. The business owners are able to provide a unique look and feel to the store while adding the desired functionalities. The thousands of themes and modules are easily customizable and free to download.
  • Highly Secured
    With increasing breach of cyber security, PrestaShop offers most advanced security features to keep the customers' data and store transactions protected. Completely secured by encryption for cookies and passwords, PCI compliance and SSL web hosting, there is no need to worry about security vulnerabilities and cyber threats. The security experts continuously work to make PrestaShop stores more secure with most advanced layers of protection.
  • Community Driven
    Being an open source platform, many developers all around the globe contribute to modify, improve and make the development process easier with PrestaShop. The community members help each other by bringing their expertise to the forefront. It makes the PrestaShop developer's task easier as he has the instant support in the form of PrestaShop active community. “PrestaShop Forge, the open bug tracker” help the developers and store owners in reporting the bugs and issues and they can actively participate in the open discussions as well.
  • Global Presence
    With 41 languages, unlimited currencies, and myriad features, PrestaShop has a global presence. PrestaShop stores can be accessed anywhere worldwide and businesses can be promoted effectively throughout the corners of the world.

Parting Thoughts: In order to build a robust online presence of your eCommerce business, PrestaShop offers the user-friendly, admin controlled & feature rich online stores. You can develop a high-end store for your eCommerce business by hiring the reputed service of a PrestaShop development company in India to stay ahead of your rivals.

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