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Is having a Certified Magento Developer for Developing Your eCommerce site a myth or reality?

The open-source ecommerce platform

Magento: The open-source ecommerce platform
It is a cost-effective, feature-rich, open-source platform to develop an ecommerce website for any type and size of merchants at any time. Using Magento, millions of ecommerce businesses have achieved new heights in terms of increased visibility, online sales and ROI.

There is no doubt about the fact that Magento currently is the largest website development platform in the world. Magento is an open source online platform with no strict rules of coding. However, developers of Magento need to follow its own standard for code development. One of the best ways to understand the coding of Magento is to achieve the Magento Developer Certification.

Is hiring a certified Magento developer necessary?
A certified Magento developer is one who has passed the test meant for professionals to apply his or her skills of Magento development in real time. While there are many companies offering best of Magento website development services to companies when it comes to finally choosing one try to enter into a contract with the company that has certified developers. A certified Magento developer will ensure your project is designed and developed in a way to add value to your business in the years to come.

To note, Magento Certified Developer Plus is meant for people who want to use the Magento Enterprise Edition and has in-depth knowledge about the structure of Magento that many developers might not be aware of.

Having a Magento development team with certified professionals will make sure all codes are developed in an efficient and organized manner. It will also ensure more cleanliness, security and functionality with easy customization feature in the future. Best of Magento Development Company in India has a certified developers working under it to make sure all clients are happy and satisfied with the end-result and come back over and again with fresh Magento website development tasks.

Many ecommerce business owners may think why hire a certified Magento developer at a higher cost when freelancers and non-certified professionals are easily available. The reality is although you can hire a non-certified developer, there is no guarantee you will get a good return on your initial investment. Besides, the project may turn out to be a disaster with numerous problems appearing in the later stage of coding and site development.

Importance of certification

  • Setting a standard and adhering to it is the best way to understand the skills required to successfully complete a project
  • Enables you to segregate a good developer from a not so good one
  • Plus Certification is great for professionals willing to work on Magento enterprise and community versions
  • Certified Magento developers are more confident of their knowledge and well-versed with the latest technology in order to deliver a project on time

Thus, it is found that hiring a certified Magento ecommerce developer has proved to be advantageous for companies looking to have their presence strongly felt in the online web world. Magento developers with a certification are experienced and reliable to complete an ecommerce project correctly from the beginning till the end.

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