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How to Introduce New Currency in your OpenCart Store: 3 Simple Steps

Merchant having less awareness regarding the development of an eCommerce site, facing multiple obstacles during the period of an initiation and launching of online store. How can you add a new currency to your OpenCart store is one of the major mind boggling task for each OpenCart store owner.

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Three simple steps how to add a new currency to your OpenCart store.

1. To initiate, log into your OpenCart store's admin area and navigate to System > Localisation > Currencies.

2. Now click the blue plus button in the top right corner to add a new currency.

3. Simply add the complete details of your new currency to the form.

Currency Type: When a user switches currency, it will be shown on your storefront.

Code: This is the ISO code for your currency. If you don't have any idea regarding the official ISO code, then there are multiple tools that can be used to select the right currency ISO code.

Symbol Left and Right: This is the symbol (e.g. £, $) that will represent your currency.

Decimal Places: The decimal places that you'd like your currency to be shown to - generally people use two decimal places.

Value: Choose your default currency, set the value to 1.00000. The rest of your currencies will be worked out against your default currency. Additionally, you can select and set your value yourself. Status: Set your currency is enabled or disabled.

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