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Top 3 Ways to Use Transaction Data to Accelerate Business Revenue: Google Analytics

It is very hard to find an eCommerce store owner who didn’t wish to accelerate their business revenue in the short span of time. Tracking business revenue appropriately is one of the major concerns among the power heads of business. But, you can track it hassle free with the robust power of Google Analytics. Here, we share three most effective ways to develop insights in Google Analytics from eCommerce transactions that is helpful to determine your business sales.

1. Page Values: Using the page value metric system, you can find out the average value of a page.This system is more powerful and effective because it combines conversion rate as well as business sales for the complete visit of any visitor.

2. Segments: If you want to move on the next level of a page value concept, then you need to initiate question answer round that is more complicated. But, this is more reliable and allows to understand the view of users that meet qualifying criteria behave.

3. Enhanced eCommerce: The utmost level of process comes from integrating enhanced eCommerce. The integration here with powerful eCommerce solutions is quite different, but it is expected that all world accepted platforms will support it soon. Enhanced eCommerce offers multiple new reports in Google Analytics’ “Conversions” section.

With the legitimate use of an enhanced eCommerce, you can also get additional reports of shopping behavior analysis. It aggregates data in an easy-to-understand method. Additionally, report of product performance and product list performance can also be determined with the help of enhanced eCommerce. Product performance introduces two diverse ratios: cart-to-detail (the number of products added per number of products-detail views), and product list performance that offers buy-to-detail list (the number of products purchased per number of products-detail views). With the help of Enhanced eCommerce, online store owners can better understand how to merchandise the products.

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