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Aspects Related to Successfully Developing OpenCart Extensions

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OpenCart has been one of the most influential e-commerce platforms that have become the first choice of online businesses looking for a reliable e-commerce solution. Various features of OpenCart make store operation & management easier for online businesses. Every aspect related with OpenCart is unique, be it the store design process or the creation of OpenCart extensions. There are a number of things you should know before starting design & development of OpenCart extensions. Let’s take a look at the same -

Making Less Changes - You should make fewer changes in the core files of OpenCart. Add minimal code and avoid the practice of editing the core files directly. As required, make use of vQmod if you want to patch them quickly in real-time. During code addition, do separate it it a different file else form a new class as required. Avoid putting all of your source in the existing controller. In this manner, you will save your time & effort that would be otherwise lost in fixing the troubleshooting compatibility issues. Some of the most promising advantages of doing this is requirement of less support and reduced dependencies

Use vQmod - If patching some of the core files is what you require ideally, ensure using vQmod. However, it must be ensured that you patch less so that it becomes easier to minimize the change causing possible interference. 5-7 vQmod based extensions can be related to an average OC user. The benefit related with this is that you get a centralized place for keeping all modifications.

Marketing is the Essence - Whether its considered technically or not, the truth is that everything is marketing - including comments on your page, descriptive test for your extensions, images in use, code comments, and documentation. The biggest benefits related with marketing is that it demonstrates value and increases sales too. Its also crucial as whatever you do tells your customers about your approach to business.

Above mentioned points need due consideration while going for developing OpenCart extensions. In case, more practical guidance is required, you can consider consulting an OpenCart e-commerce development company that can guide you better for the process.

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