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Is the Shopify Platform Really a Big Deal for Shopify App Developers ?

Ample reasons exists for online merchants to choose Shopify for building their online store; most prominent ones being simplified back-end management, multiple product options, secured transactions, power of apps and more. No doubt its a wise investment for e-commerce business owners if they approach a Shopify e-commerce development company for building their online store. However, it seems a big deal for the developers taking the pain of building Shopify apps that enhance the functionality of an existing Shopify store.

Let’s find out how.

Unique Market - Every Shopify user is a paying customer; most of these users paying typically a monthly fees. Also, these users are making use of this service to power their business, personal income. Shopify is filtering users who wish to pay for online services besides allowing developers to get a chance to offer their service to users online. Shopify users are more willing to shell out money for applications that will attract better results for your business. If a developer makes it through to create an application that allows Shopify users process orders quickly besides ensuring better sales, then users will be willing to pay for such a service.

Start up Simplicity - Starting up with the Shopify platform is fairly easy; especially if you have knowledge of Ruby on Rails. You can always have the leverage to install a Rails plugin to get up going fast. Its a very useful plugin that allows simplified handling of Shopify platform authentication scheme besides providing an ActiveResource API for accessing Shopify stores. Besides this, ease of marketing is another factor that should be mentioned in this regard. Marketing standards for Shopify are almost identical to that of Apple and Facebook. Developers have the chance of listing their app in Shopify App store for free. Shopify App Store offers support for different categories to render app search highly simplified.

Few Problems in the Way…

There are few reasons for the lesser popularity of Shopify App store though; one of the biggest ones is that every Shopify developer is not a Shopify user. Most Shopify developers have no knowledge about the way an online store is run. Hence, they have no knowledge whatsoever about where to start from while planning to make a contribution to the Shopify platform. To counter this situation, Shopify app developers need to work in more coordination with merchants to build app that helps them boost their online business.

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