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How Social Media Platforms Can Convert Your Website Visitors into Brand Ambassadors

Customers’ perspective regarding specific brands, products and services are pretty important. If your Customers are happy with your product and services, then they share its benefits with their friends, families and connections’ and influence them to buy their needs from your online store. As per the recent observation more than 75% consumers believe in word-of-mouth recommendations.

Nowadays, brands have extensive ideas, how to aware the potential customers with the help of social actions, and showcase a positive persona of the brand through social media channels.

Let’s take an extensive look at the top 3 ways eCommerce owners can benefit the power of word-of-mouth marketing, and turn their website visitors into active brand ambassadors with the help of social media channels:

1. Word-of-Mouth Referrals: it is quite better for you to urge your website visitors to share their valuable feedback, reviews, images and much more for your products and services on social media sites. Social media widgets are a perfect way to complete this objective, as there is a need of only a simple click.

2. Incentive programs for Social Sharing: rewarding is the finest approach to advocate your brand via social media platforms. It is a finest way to keep them motivated and encourage, future interaction, including purchases.

3. Rewards for Loyalty: with the help of a loyalty program, you can engage your potential customer at every touch-point and rewarding them points for every social media action taken, such as likes; posts; comments; signing up for your email newsletter and so on. This exercise gives your customers a solid reason to promote your brand endlessly.

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