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Is Magento Mobile a Complete Solution to your E-commerce Store Mobility Needs?

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With more than 34% of the industry using it, there is no fresh introduction to Magento needed anymore. But, a look into its necessity when talking about mobile commerce can be useful. Being a witness of mobile era, we all know that online shopping has changed a lot in past several years and so has the revenue generation. Now, quite a fat amount of the whole churning comes out of mobile commerce and Magento plays a major role in that. It is being estimated that only in US this year, the mobile commerce sales would be around $23.7 billion and is expected to go up to $31.0 billion in 2015. All these have to get the best support from a platform known to be the finest among all, hence Magento mobile.

Things that come along Magento has been very much successful as a desktop based ecommerce platform all these years. Business owners have been using it to control several stores at a time and integrate Amazon with online store seamlessly. The prime need is to create a solution that will support the Mcommerce industry with all the mobility needs. This paved the path of introduction for Magento Mobile.  Developments of branded and native storefront apps are now easier than ever.

This has been possible due to the powerful ecommerce platform Magento has. The added advantage that comes along using Magento Mobile is that store owners can manage more than one native app across several mobile devices staying from the comfort of single Magento dashboard. If you are planning to go ahead with the development of any app powered with Magento, you must hire certified Magento developer in India who has got all the skills needed to execute all these.

Why Magento Mobile? It has to be the ultimate mobile solution from the house of Magento and has been the guiding force behind giving the best support to many mobile commerce business owners. There are a few major points which have been the prime reasons for its prominence. Let’s take a look over few of them.

A. Effortless Storefront Integration The best of Magento ecommerce platform dashboard is there in mobile version. Go for managing store catalog, checkout process, inventory, report, etc.

B. Handle multiple devices A single installation is good enough for managing all your mobile devices, be it iPhone or an Android device.

C. Ease of customization The customization flexibility is a major highlight for this Magento house giveaway. With just few clicks, one can add new feature compatible with a device or can create a theme for that. From admin, one can change the aesthetic of the store. This can be executed even after a download from the customer end.

mCommerce in Safe Hands The above points and many alike, working in unison, have paved the foundation for a strong mobility solution support to the mobile commerce industry from the hub of Magento. Thus, it can safely be said that the mCommerce industry is in safe hands as Magento is taking care of it.

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