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Top 5 Influences Of Cloud Computing On E Commerce Industry

Science and technology has comprehensively changed the way in which we lead our lives. One aspect of technology that has really come as a blessing to the common man as well as the others is that of the internet. Internet has no doubt changed the manner in which we conduct our day to day businesses. Along with the development of the internet the other major developments that have had a huge impact on our lives are the emergence of the e-Commerce as well as the cloud computing. Both of these developments have changed the manner in which we live and carry out our daily operations. Cloud computing is one development that has had a big impact on the manner in which computing is carried out at all the levels. It also has a major impact on the e-Commerce behavior of the people and the organizations. The top 5 influences of cloud computing on the e-Commerce industry if studied properly are:

  • One can easily cope with the peak demand Scalability is one of the most important aspects of managed cloud computing. Using this technology the businesses can cope with increased visits during the peak hours. As the users are not restricted to just one server therefore they can scale up the resources when the need so arises and similarly scale down the resources when the demand levels are normal again. This prevents any non-usability of the resource or any wastage of the money.
  • It creates a healthy competition Since cloud computing is pay for what you use therefore it can be afforded by the businesses of all sizes. This allows the smaller retailer to compete with the bigger retailer and also makes choice an easy option for the consumer. In other words it can be said that the cloud computing has made the e-Commerce industry a more vibrant place.
  • It results in significant cost savings The convenient and the flexible scalability that the cloud offers has resulted in the cost saving on the side of the e-Commerce industry. In a normal scenario the cloud operates on the pay as you go basis which saves on the costs that would otherwise be incurred on the hardware and the software. Also there is no maintenance involved. It is also cheaper to use the cloud provider's storage, databases and services.
  • It removes any investment risks Since the cloud computing is Pay as you go in nature therefore the owner of the e-Commerce business can easily build an e-Commerce website by using the cloud computing without facing any investment risks. The businesses can also expect to expand their domains of operations or launch a new product quite easily.
  • It has lead to an easy consumerization Cloud computing has lead to the increasing consumerization of the e-Commerce businesses as the management of the business through the use of the cloud computing resources has become quite easy. It has lead to an enriched consumer shopping experience>

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