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Common eCommerce Design Mistakes that Could Reduce Your Business Sales

From designing to development, website promotion to exceptional marketing strategy, everything should be time tested for running a successful eCommerce shop. Deep analysis How on how do people view your site, navigate your site, and use your site, really matters a lot. Hire a professional eCommerce Development Company India and create your online shop exclusive and extraordinary. Here are some common eCommerce design mistakes that are constantly noticeable on too many online shops:

1. Lack of a Strong Value Proposition: A solid value proposition is your argument as to why visitors explore your shop and turn into your reliable customers even they could buy their needs from the competitors. Value Proposition is really imperative for an eCommerce shop. Top elements of any good value proposition includes the following items:

  • A headline should be simple and informative, clear message as to why a product is worth for purchasing.
  • What do you have exceptional that others don't?
  • Offer lucrative benefits and social proof (like free shipping and professional support).

    2. Misguided Product Descriptions: Product descriptions are quite important, but sometimes eCommerce store owners include or remove them. Share only actual features of the product with website visitors and develop a great bond with them.

    3. Unable to offer high-Quality Images: If you want to sell products that are completely based on looks, then you must use the high-quality visuals of the product in your shop. Product images can perform a big role and you are able to entice visitors on your site. So, if you have some home grown stuff, then invest some sufficient budget in quality photos.

    4. The Site Doesn't Look Trustworthy: When competing against the fortune brands like Amazon, there is one thing you need to understand, their brand recognition means that they don't need to prove to people that they are trustworthy. So, if you want to introduce yourself as a brand, then your site should reflect your willingness, and track each and everything professionally.

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