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Comparing Shopify With Magento Community Edition

The importance of choosing the right e-commerce platform for creating your online store is already known. Small businesses especially need to take care of this fact as taking the decision with limited resources & budgets is more difficult. You may be a new business trying to setup an all new e-commerce store else you may be considering migration to some other platform as per the situations. Two of the major e-commerce platforms available these days are Magento Community Edition and Shopify. No doubt, you will be looking for the best e-commerce platform for empowering your online business; hence, its very much necessary to know the details of these two and the edge one has over the other. Let’s know the same in detail.

Shopify Vs Magento Community Edition - Points Discussed…

  • Economical Aspect - Magento is free as it is an open-source software; whereas Shopify being a commercial product requires a fixed fee.
  • Functionality - In terms of set up and use, Shopify has the edge over Magento. However, basic functionality in both make the store operation & management systematic
  • Inventory Management - While in Magento, virtually unlimited number of products can be added, Shopify Starter plan allows only 25 products maximum. But it should be noted that your host (server) performance as well as the site loading speed ay be adversely affected on adding too many products to Magento store. Shopify being a fully managed, hosted solution does not require you to consider all this.
  • Payment Gateways Options - 70 payment gateways exist for Shopify while Magento has a lower number comparatively. However, its always possible to add more payment gateways by using third-party add-ons, that’s a bit in favor of Magento.
  • Templates - Your online store can get the desired feel & look whether you choose Shopify or Magento as free templates are available for both. One point of difference is that Shopify offers generally more contemporary themes compared to Magento.
  • SEO Capabilities - Both these platforms offer powerful SEO features that help fetch better organic traffic to your online store. In fact, for this parameter, both Magento and Shopify stand neck-to-neck.

Before approaching a Shopify e-commerce development company or one for Magento development, its essential for you to keep all points mentioned above in mind.

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