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Top 5 design Elements That Can Enhance Universal Appeal of Your eCommerce Website


Have you tried to find the real cause why some eCommerce websites are highly successful while the rest are still struggling to create an identity in the marketplace? You may say it is because those particular sites get more traffic, repeat visitors, and revenue. But what could be the key factors that are driving maximum traffic to such sites leading to higher sales and profit? Let's know the 5 key design elements that would help you have an extremely appealing website in almost no time!

  • Color and Placement of the shopping cart
  • One of the primary features of an eCommerce website is the use of a shopping cart. To generate maximum sales, the cart should be placed on the top right hand corner of your website. The best colors for a shopping cart icon are orange and green. Try to avoid using black and red color as they don’t go well with the potential customers. Try to highlight the shopping cart icon to instantly grab the attention of the site visitors for generating maximum sales.

  • The search button
  • Try to add the search button on the top of your site's home page. You can place it either in the middle or in the right hand corner next to the shopping cart. There are many people who prefer to search for products or services they are willing to buy rather than to click on the various categories on your site.

  •  Social media
  • Social media integration has become a necessity today. Online businesses must have an account on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to showcase their products or services to the social media users. Apart from maintaining a social media presence, every Magento eCommerce maintenance website should add their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and such other social media icons to their eCommerce website. Having social media integration will surely add credibility to your business besides enhancing the online presence & visibility of your business.

  •  Navigation & Accessibility
  • You website navigation should be user-friendly and smooth to allow people move from one web page to another without any problem. The best companies offering services for Magento website design in India ensure that your eCommerce site has proper categorization of each section. Such service provider will also highlight the most important or new products in your site to enable people check out the same quickly.

  • Mobile Compatibility
  • A Mashable study has revealed that 17.4% of the web traffic across the world comes through mobile devices, particularly Smartphones. Thus, the increasing usage of mobile gadgets has made it necessary for online businesses to make their site mobile compatible. In this case, Responsive eCommerce website design is most important. The professional Magento designers can render your website easily viewable on any device having different screen size from desktop computer to Smartphone, iPad, tablet, and so on.

All you now need is a seasoned and trustworthy team of Magento experts to take care of your ‘web’ endeavor.

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