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Escalate Your Business Success by Magento Extensions

Introducing Extensions:

Being a Magento based eCommerce store owner, you would be very much aware of the practical use of extensions in every stage. Every business model is unique and so is their demand. To cope up with that customization is necessary.

This demand has been the reason behind huge number of extensions submitted in the  Magento Connect Marketplace lately. According to aheadWorks, a market leader in providing Magento extensions, among all these new submissions to Magento Connect - 76% comprises of extensions and the rest 24% are themes.

As covering the crucial business needs of entrepreneurs, they don’t even hesitate to pay well too. This has lead to the rise of paid extensions (72% ) than the ones that are available for free (28%).

However, tweaking a present extension or making a fresh one asks for hiring a certified developer is necessary. This determines the success of your business as at the end of the day offering flawless shopping experience to visitors makes your store successful.

Popularity and Need:
With a massive number of enthusiasts in the eCommerce industry, Magento has been in the center of attention for quite a long stretch of time now. By default it offers customization scopes much ahead of other platforms. The prime reasons being customized functionality, fast response from the extension and tighter security.

Most of the business owner are really worried about the flexibility of third-party extensions and can’t rely on those with their business data. Hence the customization for fresh development is most desired. A simple search in Google trends wills show the increasing interest over extensions in comparison with plugins. And here comes the need of Magento extension customization services.


Few Benefits:
There are quite a few perks which comes with usage of extension. Let’s talk about few of those.

  1.  It offers a user-friendly store browsing experience to buyers.
  2. Adding it to the platform helps developer with the development speed.
  3. Better SEO results can be expected in its presence.
  4. You get to have more functionality in your store with customized extension.


It’s always great to have a e-store, but with the right customization and implementation of ideas one becomes successful in the real sense. Sit with developer and involve them in your business ideas that you want to see in your store through the addition of customized extensions.

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