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Preparing Your Magento Store For The Holiday Season : 5 Ways

Holiday season is the best time to increase the sales of your product in an effective manner. Consumers that have planned for shopping prefer shopping in the holiday season to avail plenty of discounts available during this time. Retailer also attracts the consumers by offering some discounts and cash coupons. It has been confirmed that the word "Free" generates a feeling of excitement, which stimulates association with positive emotion. With the help of a Magento customization company in India, you can increase the customers for your online store in the holiday season.

Let's understand how can you prepare your Magento store for the holiday season and get more revenue:

  • Redesign specific parts of your online store: It is a widely adoptable approach to attract customers by just enhancing the specific visual of your online store. For example, in the festive time of Christmas, the first thing that comes in mind is Santa, who are distributing gifts among people. Therefore, during the time of Christmas celebration, you can use the theme and  logo of  Santa on your online store and attract more customers.
  • Make more visuals your Specific Category: Greater impact and excellent reviews of product can amplify the sales of product in an effective manner. Normally, small logo and short thumbnails of the products are not good enough to get desired results. When you have arranged a full set of products for Halloween and prepared your store for that, then you should make the visuals of whole categories that are available. This activity will increase the holiday fever in the mind of net savvy and ultimately traffic on your store increases.
  • Season Specific Interface: There is a great facility to make the visuals of your Magento store occasion-specific. For example – Using Magento, you can mold your online store for Christmas environment unity, from one page to another, from header to footer or from home page to store checkout etc. Inside the Magento administration, there is an option of “System/Design”. Using this option, you can change the design as per your requirement for specific period of time. You can take the help from reference image given below.