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Top 5 eCommerce Website Designing and Development Trends for 2016

Online shopping has become a daily practice today. Each eCommerce shop selling their products and services via internet. The traditional shopping is almost replaced by online shopping. Online merchants not only offer the huge discounts during the festival seasons, even you can get great deals throughout the year. If you want to take your business far from industry rivalry and business challenges, then you should hire eCommerce Website Development Company India. As we are moving from 2015 to 2016, new techniques and trends are required for each business. Here is the list of top 5 eCommerce design trends that you should keep in your mind for 2016: Ecommerce-Website-Development-Company-India 1. Importance of Flat and Material Design: Both these designs are similar, although they differ in certain aspects. The basic reasons for their trendiness are:

  • Both are content-focused
  • Offer an attentive and eye catching website
  • Easily adopt them for responsive sites
2. Responsive Design: With the growing trend of mobile internet, the importance of responsive design is increasing. Responsive design offers an affordable and effective way to reach out maximum customers and spread business across the Globe. 3. Card and Card-like Layouts: These allow you to add and manage amounts of content with minimum effort. Cards are a way of managing various topics that pleasing the eyes of your customers and offer the easiest way to explore your store. The card like boxes are helpful to manage text, images and resources effectively. 4. Images and Videos: A picture can express more than thousand of words, whereas a video has the ability to express more than million of words. As the trends are changing, eCommerce sites will load with large images and an increasing number of videos in 2016. 5. Parallax Scrolling: It reduces the loading time and also increase user engagement. Parallax scrolling also offer better website navigation, which in turn increase the chances of getting more sales.

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