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Why nopCommerce 3.70 is Perfect for Next Generation Business?

ASP.NET powered open-source eCommerce platform, 'nopCommerce' is worldwide accepted. The platform offers an easy-to-use shopping cart solution. It has everything you need to get launched your online store and selling products over the internet. It offers unparalleled flexibility and control. Recently, nopCommerce platform, has released its latest 3.70 version with some eye-striking features:

  • Running several instances of nopCommerce: This 3.70 version has been released with matchless functionality. Now, it is feasible to have various instances of nopCommerce store working and serving requests while sharing the common database. It means you can run a single nopCommerce store on multiple web servers and simultaneously leveraging the power of several machines.
  • "New" products in nopCommerce platform: Now, nopCommerce has removed the option of "Recently added" products, which was used previously to show the last added items and has introduced a new feature. In order to introduce the given products or services to the list of "New" products, the merchants need to check the “Mark as new” in the setting section of the admin panel of the products.
  • Improved discount assistance: Now online shoppers can get more user-friendly messages when they are unable to use a cashback card which is not valid. This is really a noticeable advancement, especially for festive offers, when coupon codes are valid only for a specific period of time.
  • Custom CMS support: nopCommerce 3.70 version has been introduced with some handy features that could make your store incredible. Now, merchants can decide which customers have access to which modules. This is truly important if you wish to offer a precise information only to specific shoppers.

If you want to make your online store from scratch or just wish to upgrade your nopCommerce store, then you should hire the services of the nopCommerce development company in India. They have highly skilled professionals and offer an extensive range of services. From development to documentation, catalog management to inventory management, payment gateway integration to shipping management and much more, they offer tailor-made services for you that best suit with your business needs.

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