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How to Add Magento Products Easily to Google Merchant Center


You can upload your store and product data on Google using the tool "Google Merchant Center". This tool helps to make it available to Google Shopping and other Google services. Google Merchant is also known as Google Base. Each Google account has a unique Google Merchant Center Account. Magento products can be also be added to Google Merchant Center(GMC).

Magento Product Feed Generation for Google Shopping Ads - To generate the feeds of product using custom in-house developed code is a good option. If you don't have in-house developed code then you can use “ Google Content API for Shopping”, another extension offered by Magento; but this may not be a good choice.

Test the Feed of New Product – Once your product feed has been created, upload it on Google Merchant Center and test again. You can upload the product feed using two different upload buttons.

  • New Data Feed
  • New Test Data Feed

If the created feed of your product is accurate then you must use “ New Test Data Feed”.

Schedule your product feed to Google Merchant Center - If you have resolved any issues after the final test of created data feed of your product then you need to click again on the tab of data feeds and add updated feed using “ New Data Feed” button. You can also schedule the program of data feed for Google Merchant Center. This program   automatically fetches the data feed at fixed time of the day every day, week or month.

Basic Reasons why Google Merchant Center Disapproves your Products - Images given by you is the most common reason for Google to disapprove your products. Common conditions of Google Merchant Center to approve your images are:

  • For apparel products, images must be at least 250 x 250px.
  • The maximum image size for any category is 4MB.
  • Separate images are required for products of different colors & sizes.
  • Image should be watermark free and crawl-able

Importance of Product Reviews in Google shopping ads - Google Shopping is a helpful tool that helps you to find  shoppers while they are searching for items to buy. Google recently started this in USA and its planned to be rolled out in UK and some other countries in coming future as well. Authorized third party review systems should be used to display product reviews and star rating within Google shopping ads.

Good reviews can be expected only if customers have a good experience at your store and that's possible only when you get your store built by an experienced Magento development company in India. Apart from these features of GMC, you can also submit shipment and cancellation feeds for Google trusted stores program on GMC. Shipment, order cancellation and feedback of your customer is managed by Google Merchant Center. Google also offers $1,000 purchase protection to your customers.

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