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Top 4 eCommerce Website Design Trends for 2017

As we are on the verge of bidding farewell to the year 2016, let's be prepared to welcome the new year 2017 with new hopes, technologies & strategies. Everything has changed drastically in the last few years, whether it is technology, media environment, the living standard of human life or the robustness of the internet. The power of the internet can do miraculous things for us. Even the eCommerce development company is ready to move to the next level and fully prepared to drive their business on mobile platforms impressively. Professional designers may begin to think of the site design as mobile and adapt the same to high pixel laptops and desktop screens. Highly qualified developers are specially focused on the current scenario of website designing and enhance their technical expertise constantly to offer something exceptional in the eCommerce website development trends 2017.

1. Web Design should be Mobile responsive: eCommerce business is evolved with amazing opportunities. For 2017, it is truly important to make your business website mobile responsive and adaptive for larger screens, so that most of the site visitors can explore your store by using their mobile devices.

2. Be Focused on Material Designs: Material Design is a very intuitive way to make your mobile app or an eCommerce website more impressive. Various fortune stores have already selected card-like layouts, responsive animations and transitions (which is central to Material Design) and ready to meet the current trends of an eCommerce world.

3. The power of Long Scrolls: On a mobile device, it is quite impressive to add objects to the current view instead of loading a completely new page. So, it is good to look for the website developers who can create web pages that scroll up to great lengths and loading objects only as they are required. A product category page on an eCommerce store is a good example.

4. Cinemagraphs: A cinemagraph is a still picture where small animation has been introduced. The combined effect of a still picture and small animation offer a mini-video experience to your website visitors. Ecommerce Website Development Company is ready to create cinemagraph and use as background images, category headers, home page banners, and even product images.

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