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Responsive Design for eCommerce Sites: Dos and Don’ts

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Developing a responsive design for eCommerce websites is not a piece of cake. It requires a great experience that needs to prudently land during the development of responsive design eCommerce websites. This exercise doesn't simply making the content that best fitted with a smaller screen, but it also delivers a solid and reliable user experience to an increasing number of website accessible devices.

At present, everyone aware about the power of the internet and they have ability to access any eCommerce website anywhere, anytime as per their convenience using Mobile, desktop PC , Tablet and many more. So, targeting more and more visitors at your website, you need to develop a responsive website for eCommerce business. For this you must take help of eCommerce Website Development Company who make your website robust, reliable, scalable and offers amazing experience to your targeted users.

Responsive Web Design Do’s:

  • Design Your Website With the user's Perspective.What device they are using and what they are trying to achieve.
  • Always keep page size to a minimum for best performance.
  • Once size doesn’t fit all, so before creating an eCommerce website you must consider on your targeted users' and majorly website accessing devices used by them.
  • Every internet accessing device has its unique configuration and resolution. A mobile phone never be a tablet or a laptop or a desktop PC, and they all have their own characteristics that you need to be aware of and design for.

Responsive Web Design Don'ts

  • Never penalize users of the device they happen to be browsing with.
  • Don’t hide content from mobile users. Make your website content accessible to all.
  • Text links are never small. Users can’t be able to click on when browsing using a mobile device.

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