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Shopify Introduces Real Time Communication With Customers Using Facebook Messenger

Communication is quite easy in this digital era. Impressive communication develops a great bond among people, and very persuasive for business success. A large number of desktop and mobile applications are playing a crucial role for this purpose, and become the need of modern people. Facebook is a world accepted platform where millions of users, they consistently login their accounts and communicate with friends, colleagues and share useful information about product and services. Additionally, this platform is a finest place where business owners promote their business products and services in huge mass. Shopify Development Company India better understand the potential of social media platforms and using Facebook messenger to communicate with their customers, too. They are actively working at Facebook and bringing you and your customers together in one platform, and deliver a unique and deeply personal customer experience.

How does Messenger for Shopify work?
Online shoppers, signed into Facebook account can instantly get order confirmations, shipping updates, customer service, and more with the use of Facebook Messenger. Future notifications are also sent through Messenger that includes shipping updates, push notifications and expected date of shipment. These automated notifications are pretty helpful for shoppers, the real magic happens when a shopper utilizes messenger to send a thanking message or an unboxing selfie. Additionally, there is a great privilege for business owners to send messages back, along with emojis, stickers, and links to other products.

Incorporate Messenger to communicate with online shoppers
If you want conversations and valuable suggestions with your esteemed customers, then you need to incorporate Facebook Messenger channel in your Shopify store. Once the connection of your Facebook Business Page is enabled, your customers will be able to send you messages through Facebook Messenger. To respond you customers' in the real time, you need to log into your Facebook Page using desktop PC or through the Facebook mobile app, and send messages like usual.

These features are really impressive and make Shopify store unique and demanding among online users' and eCommerce business owners.

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