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Why Use Social Media Share Buttons On your PrestaShop Store

If you wish to excel in the world of e-commerce, your website needs to have all relevant info & resources that a customer needs at a specific point of time. No doubt, providing the same is tedious, it can be achieved by applying some extra efforts. In the case of sharing the info of a particular product available on your site, a customer would require social media buttons - which if unavailable would cause a loss of sale as a potential customer gets deprived of viewing your product. Increased sales is definitely a good news for your PrestaShop store and so it becomes a must for you to have these buttons installed on your store. Let’s know in detail the vital reasons to have this done for your PrestaShop e-commerce store.

Amplify your PrestaShop Store’s Sale with Social Media Share Buttons…
Online shoppers can easily share the products of their choice with their family & friends by using the social media share buttons. Your known group of people who like your recommendation will definitely like to take a look at the product, thus increasing the possibilities of a sale. Moreover, it will also increase your brand awareness to a fair degree.

More people will recognize your brand that will further add up to the credibility of your PrestaShop store. So, while delegating your store development task to a PrestaShop development company in India, make sure that their developers can also integrate social share button son your PrestaShop store. Moreover, there are PrestaShop modules also available that you can employ to have the same functionality in your store.

Increasing Social Sharing Opportunities with PrestaShop Modules..
There are a number of PrestaShop modules that you can employ to implement social sharing buttons at the desired place in your store. AddShoppers is one such PrestaShop module that helps you add sharing buttons from all major social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Besides adding social buttons, you can actually increase the rate of product sharing almost twice. With help of AddShoppers Social Rewards, you can incentivize different social networks using different coupons besides tracking the ROI of social sharing for your PrestaShop store.

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