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Analyzing the Best e-commerce Website Development Platforms

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e-commerce website development company in India to hire. A number of hosted and self-hosted versions are available that you can choose depending on your requirement. Let’s take a look at some of the best e-commerce platforms that you can choose from -

Shopify - One of the most favorite e-commerce platforms, Shopify provides e-commerce businesses tools to operate & manage their e-commerce store better. With Shopify, you can get an online store with a gorgeous admin panel. A wide variety of themes are also available to choose from. It also offers a lot of apps that help you better manage your inventory and launch retargeting campaigns. Shopify is extremely easy to use and ensures optimal shopping experience to your customers.

BigCommerce - If you wish to have an e-commerce store that helps you expand your business online then BigCommerce is the ideal e-commerce platform to go for. It comes with a comprehensive set of tools that render it easier for you to make the buying process more refined & useful for the customers. With BigCommerce, you can create unlimited product options, manage and process orders, manage returns, accept payments from 60+ different payment processors, reward your best customers etc. Your store’s design part is made more appealing with its more than 100 free design templates.

PrestaShop - Based on Smarty template engine, PrestaShop has 310 integrated features besides 3,500 modules & templates. It includes a whole lot of things including cross selling, downloadable products, product export, shipping discounts, and one-page checkout. Its written in PHP and is currently being used in 160 countries. Its an open source e-commerce solution that is not a hosted one. PrestaShop’s latest release has made it a more powerful e-commerce solution than it was before.

WooCommerce - It offers great levels of customizability; as whatever one can do with WordPress can be done with WooCommerce too. Just like with WordPress, the resources are endless; with WooCommerce, you get numerous themes and plugins to make your job easier. One of the noticeable advantages of this platform is that you get blogging on your store as a standard, thus eliminating the need to add any blogging extension.

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