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Optimize Your nopCommerce Store: Some Common Tips, Settings & Recommendations

Website performance is the most crucial point where business owners usually stuck while they optimize their website. But, the world accepted eCommerce store development platform' nopCommerce' is developed with marvelous features and reduce the painful effort of custom settings. From store development to design, Product category development to inventory management, integration of payment gateways to shipping arrangement everything you can do without putting your much efforts.

Some crucial practices to create your nopCommerce store more business-centric:

  • Basic Resources: Really, this is quite important, where you need to demonstrate smart decision. You need to opt only those things that support higher IO like disk space, disk type, RAM, CPU etc, Selecting the powerful MS SQL SERVER with the latest version should be your second priority. It is good to maintain MS SQL SERVER best practices as given below:
    • Always use the updated version and patches MS SQL server
    • Track your MS SQL SERVER continuously and update its missing indexes frequently and
    • Server connection string should be "MultipleActiveResultSets=True" in order to allow Entity Framework and manage various requests over a single connection.
  • The role of IIS in your website Performance: IIS plays a vital role in your website performance. eCommerce professions at nopCommerce development company India have an extensive capability in order to render the best benefit of IIS hosting server. Some considerable points for hosting IIS are as follows:
    • It is good to use a dedicated application for each website
    • Implement recycling process actively
    • Never set any memory limitation
    • Avoid the implementation of Web Garden until you know what you ’re planning to do
    • You must ensure that ASP debugging is not configured in IIS
    • Use both static as well as dynamic compression for images
  • Recommended Settings for nopCommerce Store Development: Development and deployment of the nopCommerce store are easy, but some recommended settings can make your site more appealing. During store implementation, you should always keep under given things in your psyche:
    • Always execute the updated version of nopCommerce platform
    • Common settings should be customized as per your need and it is good to remove unused languages, stores, currencies, themes, and plug-ins from your store.
    • If you want to send emails in huge mass, use only externally hosted Email Servers

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