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What makes Magento Coolest CMS for ecommerce Portals?

Ecommerce and Magento has been one another’s biggest support from the very outset of online selling concept.

Magento - the bundle of Joy

Today in 2014, Magento powers more than 31% of world’s biggest names associated with ecommerce business. A survey of the most popular ecommerce options uses in 1million top sites of the world in February 2013 showed that the maximum portion is covered by Magento. Being an open source CMS this one is more favorable than others as every business owner needs the control of his store personally. This decreases the cost of hiring developer for basic updating of information such as product upload, category addition, report generation, etc.

Online merchants are always in the lookout of scalable solutions which would be flexible enough to gel with their business model. The customization part through the admin panel is really supportive and has been favoring the needs of business owners.

Very often it is said that with the extensiveness of Magento, a person using it has to always seek the help of professionals. This is just partially true, being a store owner one does not have to deal with the coding part of customization. But, when it comes to monitoring and controlling the store all the freedom comes with Magento.

One can thoroughly make movement inside the back end of their store and have total control over the product & order management part. Extensiveness does not mean that Magento is piling up more headaches for business owners; instead it is just adding options for more ease of operation. These might be the reason for popularity of Magento web development globally.

The CMS that has Strong Reign:

Being a major platform for any ecommerce business online, the prime part which it needs to take care of is a robust CMS. There are multiple reasons of its authority in this regards. Few of those are discussed below.

  • Power of handling more than one store: Several business owners have multiple store and so having a CMS which can handle all these together from a single control panel is most essential. Magento offers just that, this relieves them from the pressure of hopping from one store admin panel to other for managing each one of these.
  • Order Management: The inventory part is most essential for any store. With Magento CMS one gets tracking for all the products in the inventory through user-friendly admin panel. The updating of data related to products, category, stock, etc can be finely managed.
  • Trusted Shopping Cart: This is the most crucial part of any ecommerce store’s sales generation aspect. Unless and until it is trusty one hesitates to go for the payment. By integrating third-party module one can make sure of having a shopping cart checkout which is there in single page wasting user time and prompting them for shopping.
  • Backing to SEO Approaches:Magento CMS is not only for store management, it even goes up to the length of supporting various online marketing strategies and the most prominent in those is SEO. All the SEO implementation areas scopes are present over there.

There are many more options like great reporting tool, huge plugin & modules library and many more which makes the CMS of Magento so be popular. But, primarily it is its simplicity that has made it reach to so many customer.

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